Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

Energy renovation of multi-residential buildings

Programme of energy renovation of multi-residential buildings for the period between 2014 and 2020 with a detailed plan for the period between 2014 and 2016 (pdf, Official Gazette 78/14) was adopted by the Government of the Republic of Croatia on 24 June 2014. The objectives of this Programme are identification and analysis of energy consumption and energy efficiency in the existing housing stock of the Republic of Croatia, identification of the potential and possibility for energy consumption reduction in existing residential buildings, elaboration of the implementation of measures to stimulate energy efficiency improvement in existing residential buildings and evaluation of the impact of said measures.  

As foreseen in the 2014 Government Programme, funds withdrawal, starting from 2016, is envisaged from European funds, under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion, and for this reason adaptation of co-funding requirements was necessary.

On 17 October 2016 the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning published the Call for submission of 'Energy renovation of multi-residential buildings' project proposals  with a time limit for submission of 90 days.  The purpose of the Call is carrying out of energy renovation measures and use of energy from renewable sources in multi-residential buildings, which is to result, through an integrated approach, in a reduction of energy consumption for heating/cooling. Under this Call funds from the European Regional Development Fund shall be allocated for a total amount of 152 000 000 kuna, and renovation projects shall be co-funded by 60%, regardless of their location, with the maximum amount of grant funds limited to 13 million kuna per project. Energy audits and preparation of energy certificates as well as development of project documentation shall be co-funded by 85%.

Requirements for applying:

  • Only entire single architectural units can apply, whereby a single architectural unit implies a unit in structural, functional and design-related terms, consisting of one or more dilations;
  • Buildings may not be individually protected immovable cultural goods;
  • Projects have to achieve annual energy savings (kWh/year) for heating/cooling of a minimum 50% as compared to the annual energy consumption for heating/cooling prior to project implementation (QH, nd);
  • A minimum 66% of the useful floor area of the building is used for housing, with an unheated above-ground (gross) floor area not exceeding 25%;
  • The building shall have the energy class D,E,F,G in continental Croatia, or class C,D,E,F,G in littoral Croatia;
  • A majority of building co-owners (in terms of co-ownership shares and number of co-owners) shall consent to the energy renovation works on the multi-residential building;
  • The applicant shall enclose the report on the energy audit of the building and a valid energy certificate, not older than of 13 November 2012, and the energy renovation main design, not older than of 1 July 2013. There is a possibility of retroactive co-funding of the development of the reports on energy audits, energy certificates and energy renovation main designs, provided that these expenditures were incurred   after 1 January 2014;
  • Applications shall be ranked according to the number of points achieved, with score criteria being, among others, the ratio between the contribution to energy consumption reduction and the amount of grant funds applied for, the number of housing units, the energy class, the year of building construction, the designed energy savings, CO2 emission reduction, etc.
  • Additional points are awarded to projects including use of energy from renewable sources and replacement of the energy product for heating.

For more information on the Project 4c2.2. 'Energy renovation of multi-residential buildings' click HERE, whereas for more information on the Call and the required documentation click HERE.

Applicants interested in energy renovation of multi-residential buildings can contact the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, with a clearly indicated reference to the Call, at the following e-mail address:  or the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund at:, which shall provide them direct support, or assist them in submitting the application and following up the project in terms of consultations and provision of all necessary information. Interested applicants can apply to the Fund also for individual consultations and, if possible, already prepare the basic documentation in order to be able to submit the design proposal as soon as possible.


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