Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

Property valuation

Property valuation in the Republic of Croatia is regulated by the Property Valuation Act (Official Gazette 78/2015) adopted on 3 July 2015 and in force since 25 July 2015.

Property valuation may only be performed by authorised persons: sworn court experts and sworn court valuers.

The Act deals exclusively with property market values, which are assessed by using three methods and seven procedures, and it stipulates also the manner of collecting data that valuers obtain by applying the prescribed methodology, thereupon evaluate the data and make further use thereof. The Act prescribes supervision and sanctions in case of non-compliance. 

The Ministry has developed the first stage of the Property Market Informational System, the 'eProperty' database, enabling authorised valuers and property agents simple access to useful information that is a good basis for their professional work. This database is important to ensure transparency of the property market. A request for accessing the application can be viewed here

Enquiries regarding implementation of the Act can be submitted to the Ministry by e-mail to:



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