Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning


Announcement - Conference: Integrated Approach to Landscape Protection, Planning and Management, Zagreb, 20 October 2018
12 September 2018 – Visit by Delegation of the Regional Parliament of Riau Province, Indonesia, to Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
23 July 2018 - H.E. Chinese Ambassador Mr Hu Zhaoming pays visit to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Predrag Štromar
Newsletter ISSUE No.4: July 2018
18 July 2018 - Adrian Joyce: Croatia’s renovation projects can teach us as much as their football
09 July 2018 – Ministry representatives participate in High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) in New York
CEI Expert Conference "Energy Efficiency in buildings - for a better tomorrow" ! Save the Date!
18 May 2018 - Croatian-Albanian co-operation goes on: Joint Intergovernmental Croatian-Albanian Commission on Economic Co-operation held its 5th session
17 May 2018. - Financial agency, acting Project Coordinator, organized the first visibility event of the ePIC – Electronic Identification Croatia project
Newsletter ISSUE No.2: May 2018
Newsletter ISSUE No.1: April 2018
18 April 2018 – Two World Bank missions visited the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
10 April 2018 – Energy renovation of nursery schools, schools, and pupil homes...
05 April 2018 – Government of the Republic of Croatia adopted Decision on preparation of Amendments to Spatial plan of areas with special features of Plitvice Lakes National Park
30 March 2018 - Energy renovation of multi-residential buildings
20 March 2018 (Hina) - Minister Štromar: Alternative accommodation for landslide-affected Kostajnica residents this week already
06 March 2018 - H.E. Andrzej Jasionowski on inaugural visit to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Predrag Štromar
1 February (Hina) - Amendments to state-subsidised housing law to facilitate new programme
25 January 2018 – US Ambassador to Croatia William Robert Kohorst on inaugural visit to Minister Predrag Štromar
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