Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

10 January 2017 – Meeting between Minister Lovro Kuščević and Minister of Infrastructure Development of the UAE Dr. Abdullah Belhaifi AlNuaimi

Within the framework of the 30th Business & Economics Society International Conference held in Abu Dhabi from 8 to 11 January 2017, Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Lovro Kuščević participated, together with the Ministry's Secretary General Nikolina Nežić, in the work of the Conference and in the visit to the United Arab Emirates. At the conference, they held a presentation on doing business in Croatia, with emphasis on the building procedure in our country.

During the three-day visit, Minister Kuščević had a number of working meetings. Among others, in Dubai he met with the Minister of Infrastructure Development of the UAE Dr. Abdullah Belhaifi AlNuaimi and associates, with whom he discussed strengthening joint cooperation between the UAE and the Republic of Croatia, especially on the programme of developing infrastructure facilities, stimulated housing construction and spatial planning. The wish has also been pointed out for cooperation in all fields, and particularly the possibility of participation of Croatian construction and design companies in construction projects in the United Arab Emirates.


Within the framework of his visit, Minister Kuščević met also with the leaders of the sectors of road construction, stimulated housing construction and construction of sports and port facilities. A tour was made of construction projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman and Fujairah – up to the Eastern Coast, mostly linked to projects of stimulated and planned housing construction for young Arab families.


Zagreb, 10 January 2017

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