Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

16 August 2017 (HINA) - Works begin to make Varaždin General Hospital energy efficient

The energy efficiency of seven buildings of Varaždin's General Hospital will be improved by the end of 2018, an investment of HRK 83.5 million which will be paid in instalments over the next 14 years by saving on energy sources, it was said in the northern city on Wednesday, at the launching of the works.

County Prefect Radimir Čačić said this was the first big investment in the hospital after 13 years.

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund secures HRK 24 million for co-financing project implementation, while the rest is secured by the energy renovation contractor Prvo plinarsko društvo (First Gas Company), which was selected in a public procurement procedure. The investment shall be paid off over the next 14 years from savings on energy sources, which are to amount to approximately HRK 60 million.

„In terms of the high standards and financial resources, this hospital is ranking as the fourth project in Croatia, and as the third among hospitals” said Željko Uhlir, State Secretary at the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning, adding that by such projects energy is saved, CO2 emissions are reduced, and economy, or the construction sector, respectively, are fostered.  

Varaždin's General Hospital will save HRK 3.4 million annually on energy sources.
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