Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

4 October 2017 – Danish Ambassador Christian Thorning on inaugural visit to Minister Predrag Štromar

On Wednesday, 4 October 2017, Minister Predrag Štomar received the inaugural visit of Danish Ambassador Christian Thorning.

The topics talked about at the meeting were the future cooperation between our two countries, including also within the scope of the EU framework, as well as the forthcoming event on Smart urban municipalities/cities and energy efficient industries to be held in Zagreb on 13 October. The event is organised by the Embassy of Denmark with the goal of showcasing Danish and Croatian achievements, and with Minister Štromar being among the speakers delivering a welcome address.

Ministar Štromar informed Ambassador Thorning about the Ministry's activities, particularly in the field of energy renovation in the buildings sector, and on the respective drawing of allocated funds from the European funds.

The meeting took place in a cordial and friendly atmosphere, with both sides confirming their readiness for further intensification of cooperation.

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