Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning


Housing is one of the most important components of the social development of society, not only in terms of availability of dwellings, but also in terms of ensuring a basic standard and quality of housing, as well as enabling the prices of dwellings to be affordable to all population groups.

The Ministry has designed several models of the Programme of state-subsidised housing construction (POS Programme) that, in order to solve their housing issue, and depending on their needs and in accordance with their financial status, age and number of family members, is available to all citizens of the Republic of Croatia. Implementation of the Programme of state-subsidised housing construction is carried out by the Agency for Transactions and Mediation in Immovable Properties ( For further information on the topic of housing and the programmes under the scope of activities of the Ministry, please follow the links listed below:
Property valuation
POS Programme
Housing care programme for Homeland War victims
Procjena utjecaja na okoliš